clematis, Do You Have Fences Or Walls To Cover Or Brighten?

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Do You Have Fences Or Walls To Cover Or Brighten?

Do you have blank fences or walls you want to cover or brighten up?

Let’s look at how clematises can do this for you.

Clematis have always been a favourite. A couple of the best evergreen clematis are Clematis Armandii Apple Blossom and Clematis cartmanii Avalanche. Both have shiny, leathery leaves all year round and flower in late Spring. An easy to grow early clematis is Clematis macropetala Lagoon series flowering in April and May. Other early flowering clematis are Clematis montana varieties which will cover a large area such as a garage wall or a dead tree stump.

Moving towards summer there are a myriad of choices, here’s some of my favourites. Comtesse de Bouchard with lovely pink flowers, Elsa Spath and Clematis tangutica Bill Mackensie. The latter being quite vigorous so will cover a large fence panel. After flowering it has fluffy seedheads which stay on throughout the winter.

There are clematis that will flower nearly every month of the year. Take a look at a specialist clematis website such as Taylors clematis ( and see the choice.

Plants that are looking their best this month

Magnolia varieties such as Magnolia stellata which is suitable for small gardens

Dicentra varieties such as Dicentra Formosa Luxuriant

Dicentra formosa Luxuriant

and Erysimum varieties such as Bowles Mauve

clematis, Do You Have Fences Or Walls To Cover Or Brighten?

Jobs to do in the garden in May

  • Continue to sow annual seeds in the greenhouse or on a sunny windowsill.
  • Sow new lawns, turf or repair bare patches. Give the lawns a high nitrogen spring feed. Apply lawn weedkillers if needed.
  • Prune fig trees, divide bamboos and waterlilies in ponds.
  • Tie in rose climbers as close to horizontal as possible.
  • Plants any new shrubs, perennials or grasses as the soil should have warmed up.
  • Mulch existing rose and shrubs with manure or compost to improve soil structure.
  • Put supports in place for taller perennials so they can grow through them.
  • Dead head spring flowering bedding such as pansies.
  • Delay pruning early flowering shrubs such, as forsythia and ribes, until after they have finished flowering then prune otherwise you’ll lose their flowers.
  • Dead head daffodils but do not cut down yet.
  • Think about any landscaping that you would like to do but don’t leave it too long as designers and landscapers are booked up for several months in advance.

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clematis, Do You Have Fences Or Walls To Cover Or Brighten?

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