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We offer a professional and personalised service led by RHS Gold medal winning Garden and Landscape Designer Joanne Kennedy.

Garden Design

Initial Consultation – Time Scale: within 5-10 days

  • Once first contact has been made we will arrange an appointment to meet for an initial consultation. This is normally within 5 – 10 days.
  • The consultation lasts about 60 minutes and is free within 45 minutes travelling time.
  • We look at the garden to assess the site and chat about what you would like to use the garden for, the ambience you would like to achieve and any practical requirements you may have.
  • We show you examples from our portfolio.
  • We discuss the design process and the budget for the project.
  • After the meeting we will send you a written fee proposal based on the extent of the design work required.
  • Once you confirm that you are going ahead we will send you the confirmation paperwork and ask for a deposit.

Client brief - Time Scale: dependent on the designer's workload

  • After agreeing to go ahead and we have received the deposit, we return to complete a client brief with you.
  • We will talk in more depth about the requirements for your garden; the style you would like and we make suggestions and brainstorm ideas for you to consider.
  • Completing our specially designed questionnaire to give us a holistic view of your ideal garden.
  • This meeting will last 1-3 hours depending on the size and complexity of your project, and forms the requirements and ideas that we use in designing your garden.

Survey – Time Scale: dependent on designer’s workloads

  • We undertake a full site survey including a level survey if the site is sloping and take photographs.
  • At the same time, we will complete a site analysis and we will confirm with you that we have all your requirements to enable us to undertake a draft design.
  • If the site is large or very steep, we will commission a topological survey from a surveyor.

Draft plan – Time Scale: 1-2 weeks after the survey has taken place

  • Once we have gathered together all of your information we will spend some time developing concept ideas and a draft plan.
  • We will then call you to arrange to meet with you to discuss the ideas and plan.

Draft Concept Design meetings - Time Scale: 2-4 weeks after survey

  • At this meeting we will agree on a concept plan to take forward as your final plan (up to two of these meetings are included in the fee proposal).
  • Minor alterations may take place at this meeting until a final lay-out is agreed.
  • We will discuss all the hard landscaping materials such as paving, gravel, water features, fencing and anything else that we need to discuss in order to get a completed plan.

Final plan/s

  • We will deliver or post a final, scaled, hand drawn or computer generated black and white plan along with 2 copies that you can give to landscapers. (If you require a coloured plan this will incur an extra cost).

See Example Plan

Larger Projects

If your project is significantly larger, we split the above process into two further stages. Firstly, we will meet to complete a concept plan of the entire garden. Secondly, we will complete a detailed plan of each individual area of the garden. This will be reflected in the fee proposal.

Budget guidelines

There is a valid reason for asking for a budget at this early stage in the process; so that we can design a garden that is within your financial expectations and that is realistic for the size of the project. A common figure for a landscaping project is around 5-15% of the value of your house, but as long as we know your budget we can work within any guidelines! Keep in mind that a well designed garden will immediately enhance and add value to the saleability of your house.

Let Garden Blueprints transform your ideas into reality

From this ...

garden designer derby, leicester and nottingham

To this ...

garden designer derby, leicester and nottingham

From this ...

garden designer derby, leicester and nottingham

To this ...

garden designer derby, leicester and nottingham
  • “I approached Garden Blueprints with a selection of garden features that appealed to m e and which were to be incorporated into a design for a small garden space. The size was quite challenging.

    Though consultation during a number of visits, Joanne’s interpretation and final design more than exceeded my expectations. In short, she oversaw all the arrangements from original concept to finished project and even ‘matched’ my taste to a landscape gardener that she felt would work well with me to deliver the desired result.”

    Mrs K Whitehurst

  • “Joanne spent time with us discussing our ideas for the transformation of our garden. She came up with a plan which became the perfect answer for our needs. Her sympathetic planting and garden design has been for us an ongoing delight. I would certainly recommend you to others.”

    Mr B & Mrs J Greet

  • “Thank you so much for doing my garden today Joanne. I really so appreciate it. It looks fabulous.”

    Mrs D Russell

  • “Jo, thanks for designing and planting our garde. It’s fabulous and we love it!”

    Mrs M & Mr D Kent

  • “Dear Joanne, many many thanks for making my garden so beautiful and so easy when I do some gardening. Regards.”

    Mrs P Knight

  • “Sorry I was not home when you came to plant my garden but I have to tell you I am delighted with the results, love the trees and all the plants and shrubs. Can’t wait for next year to see all the colours.”

    Mrs C & Mr K Simcox

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