, Choosing Trees with multi season interest

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Choosing Trees with multi season interest

As thoughts turn to Christmas you may wonder why I’m chatting to you about your garden. This, however, is the best time to plan for next year.

It’s one of the best times to look at trees. From November until March trees can be bought bare-rooted – meaning they are not in pots. They are cheaper, weigh less and have larger roots. Suppliers will order them for you or I can source and plant them for you.

Look for trees that give you blossom in spring and autumn colour, fruit or berries. Crab Apples give you spring blossom and autumn colour/fruit. Four excellent varieties are Malus John Downie, Malus Evereste, Malus Rudolph and Malus Sargentii.

, Choosing Trees with multi season interest

Cherry tree blossom is a familiar spring sight. Prunus Amanogawa will fit into tight corners.

, Choosing Trees with multi season interest

Rowans provide coloured berries in autumn. Sorbus Aucuparia has bright red berries from August onwards. Sorbus Huphenensis has beautiful pink/white berries. Sorbus Vilmorinii and Sorbus Cashmiriana both have white berries.

, Choosing Trees with multi season interest

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Things to be getting on with in the garden in January

Whilst the task of “putting the garden to bed” will have been done, there are still things that can be done:

  • Bag fallen leaves. Spike the bags and store for 12 months and you’ll have a good supply of leaf mulch for next year. Spread it over your borders to replace nutrients. It works and it’s free! Clearing fallen leaves also lessens disease.
  • Prune deciduous shrubs, fruit trees and bushes – but not if it is frosty. The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) website has more information, but you can call me for advice.
  • Clear out/disinfect your greenhouse.
  • Fill your tubs and baskets with winter-flowering Pansies, Bellis Daises and Primulas. Add evergreen shrubs such as Skimmia or Euonymous for leaf colour, or Dogwood for stem colour.
  • Plant fruit trees.

So, take a much-needed break from the Christmas rush and think about what joy your garden could bring you next summer.

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, Choosing Trees with multi season interest

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