Best trees Spring Blossom,blossom trees,, The best trees for spring blossom

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The best trees for spring blossom

Best trees Spring Blossom,blossom trees,, The best trees for spring blossom

Spring is once again nearly with us and one of the memorable sights in a garden in Spring is blossom on trees. Its nature’s confetti as it flutters down to carpet the ground in a sea of white or pink petals.

Japanese cherry trees are probably the most common tree we associate with blossom. If you have a small garden try Prunus Accolade with delicate pale pink flowers growing to between 3-8m in height.

Prunus Accolade Trees for Spring The best trees for spring blossom

Prunus Accolade

Others to look for are Prunus Kanzan or Prunus Pink Perfection – both grow to about the same height as Accolade but have a wider canopy or look for Prunus Pandora with the palest pink flowers.

Prunus Kanzan blossom The best trees for spring blossom

Prunus serrulata Kanzan

Even the smallest garden could accommodate Prunus Amanogawa with its upright, columnar shape or try a ballerina apple tree. On the other hand if you have enough space for a larger tree Prunus Padus with its large bunches of white flowers gives a spectacular show in May, also Prunus Tai haku, the Great White Cherry makes a wonderful specimen. These both grow to between 7m and 12m in height with a rounded shape.

If you like purple leaved varieties look for Prunus cerasifera  pissardii which has pale pink flowers followed by small, deep burgundy leaves.

Prunus cerisifera Nigra The best trees for spring blossom

Prunus cerisifera Nigra

Furthermore the added bonus with some of the cherry trees is that they also produce spectacular autumn leaf colour.

Another group of trees to reward you with beautiful blossom  are  crab apple trees. In addition to the spring blossom there are crab apples and spectacular leaf colour to look forward to in Autumn. Varieties to consider are Malus Evereste who’s blossom starts a dark pink colour and gradually metamorphasises into white flowers. It’s a rounded tree around 5-7m in height. Malus Golden Hornet produces white blossom and yellow fruits and Malus John Downie makes a splendid tree for gardens with limited space.

The best trees for spring blossomMalus Evereste blossom 1

malus Evereste crab apples The best trees for spring blossom

Malus Evereste crab apples 1

There are also a couple of other trees that are worth a mention – Amalanchier lamarckii with its starry white blossom and Pyrus calleryana chanticleer with its white flowers in Spring  and fiery coloured leaves in  Autumn.

Amelanchier lamarckii blossom The best trees for spring blossom

Amelanchier lamarckii in blossom – photo taken by J Kennedy

Lastly Magnolia trees are always worthy of a mention. From the small Magnolia stellata with its multitude of white flowers to the larger Magnolia souleangea with its abundance of pink and white tulip shaped blossom there is a magnolia for every sized garden. Watch out for late frosts though!Magnolia souleangea blossom The best trees for spring blossom

Magnolia souleangea blossom – downloaded from

Magnolia stellata blossom The best trees for spring blossom

Magnolia stellata – photo taken by J Kennedy

Whatever sized garden you have make room for a spring flowering tree as they will make you feel like winter is far behind you and summer is not far away.

If you want help with any spring flowering trees or any other aspect of your garden from its design to planting the borders give me a ring on 01530 832670 or 07739 153516 or drop me a email on

© J Kennedy, Garden Blueprints  8th March 2018

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Best trees Spring Blossom,blossom trees,, The best trees for spring blossom

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